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SIL-3 Certification – Ladish Floating Ball Valves

We are thrilled to announce that our floating ball valves have successfully received SIL-3 (Safety Integrity Level) Certification! This achievement certifies that our ball valves have reached an acceptable level to protect against hazardous events caused by critical applications.

A huge congrats goes to our team of design engineers and quality control. Your relentless pursuit of safety allows Ladish to continue TO MARK PROGRESS.

Click to download the certificate

Ladish has successfully completed the functional safety assessment according to IEC 61508 carried out on the Floating Ball Valves. The following products were assessed as part of this project:

  • API 608 Process Ball Valves
  • MEGA Seal – Metal & Graphite Seated
  • Flanged Floating Ball Valves
  • Bar Stock Ball Valves
  • S-Series Severe Service Ball Valves
  • Fusion T-Series Power Ball Valves

All product literature can be found on our Resources page. To submit an inquiry, please contact your Sales Representative or email sales@ladishvalves.com. 

Once again, Ladish will continue To Mark Progress.

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We are excited to announce that effective November 1, 2020 we have purchased the trademarks and all assets related to Smith Valves & Diamond Gear from CNC Flow Control!