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Key Technical Differentiators for Category M Ball Valves

Ladish Valves’ Critical Service Ball Valve Product Line builds on years of problem solving and engineering excellence in the process and specialty chemical industries.  Unlike products evolved from more “standard” applications, the Ladish critical service valve is designed and manufactured to provide low emissions and repeatable tight shutoff in the most extreme applications in Refining, Chemical and Hydrocarbon Process.  A real key is that the entire Ladish product line is based around stainless and nickel alloy valves used in the most corrosive and toxic services.  Our quality systems, in-house NDE (including RT), and production process are all geared to valves used in critical service.

Key Technical Differentiators of the Ladish Class M Ball Valve Include

  • All body castings are produced in Ladish approved and audited foundries. Design integrity has been proven over thousands of valves currently in service.
  • NDE available on Castings for Class M Service include:
    • PT (Dye Penetrant Testing) on incoming pressure containing components
    • RT (X-Ray) on all bodies and caps with acceptance criteria equal to or greater than ASME B16.34 requirements
    • Immersion testing with Helium or Nitrogen to assure casting and seal integrity
  • For maximum confidence and speed of delivery, Bar Stock or Forged Body Construction is available if there is concern around cast valves in general.
  • Gland and Body Seal Systems Designed for modern Low Emission Requirements
    • All Graphite-based gland packing has been certified to meet the API 622 requirements of Low Emission, and the valves tested and certified to API 641 using these packing sets.
    • Body Seals are all Spiral-Wound graphite or PTFE filler depending on the operating requirements.
    • Valves utilizing the Dual Packing and standard body seal arrangements for our Class M Valves have been tested and certified to meet ISO 15848-1 emission requirements. Tightness Class AH, BH, CH at Endurance Class CO1 and CO2.
  • The Ladish Extended-Bonnet design offers the advantage that this extension is welded to the valve body with a full-penetration weld as required in B31.3 (Class M Valves). This eliminates a potential leak point of valves that utilize a “bolt on” extension.
    • The Bonnet Extension contains as a standard two fully contained packing sets separated by a lantern ring. If a monitoring/injection port is desired on the extension, this can be readily added.

From a Commercial Perspective

While the Technical factors are key to performance, the commercial side of the business cannot be ignored.  Some important points about Ladish Valves are

  • Ladish Valves has been in business for over 75 years, 12 years under current family ownership specializing in critical service, nickel alloy gate, globe, check and ball valves.
  • Most machining as well as all assembly and testing is done in the Ladish shops in Houston. We are ideally positioned to support customers in North America and Europe.
  • Ladish maintains a large inventory of valves and components to support our products in the Process and Specialty Chemical industries.


“Cutaway” Sample of valve for Chlorine / Phosgene / Toxic Service


Other important notes on the Ladish ball valves are:

The valve stem configuration is designed to provide an internally and externally fully supported drive train with low emissions packing standard. Tight-tolerance bushings located below the packing and under the stem minimize the possibility of sideloading on the stem and provide packing integrity to meet all low emissions sealing requirements.

All bolted joints are designed to meet the most stringent requirements of ASME B16.34, ASME Section 8, and ASME 31.1. The section modulus of the bolted joint and the minimum section modulus of the valve body is designed to exceed the section modulus of the piping that it will be installed in.

Ladish Ball Valves for Category M service are available in “soft”, carbon graphite and metal seated configurations. Materials of construction range from more standard carbon and stainless steel through more corrosion resistant nickel alloys and exotics such as Titanium and Zirconium.

About Ladish Valves

Ladish is a family-owned, Houston, Texas based valve manufacturing company. Ladish designs & manufactures a wide range of engineered gate, globe, check, and ball valves in stainless steel, duplex and high nickel alloys. The trusted Ladish name offers customers a complete and innovative product portfolio designed for the most demanding corrosive, erosive, and high purity applications for a wide variety of end markets.

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