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Case Study: Ladish Meets Accelerated Customer Timeline for Production of Custom Engineered Cryogenic Valves

Accelerated timelines and custom engineered cryogenic solutions presented a difficult challenge to manufacturers competing for the valve business of a world-class LNG export facility. The purchase order was awarded to Houston, TX based Ladish Valves who was able to deliver on the unique modifications and customizations required by the customer.

Extensive cryogenic testing was one of many challenges for the project. In order to achieve desired leakage rates, (more stringent than industry standards) engineered solutions for both valves and testing requirements had to be made in order to meet customer requirements. With a strong history of in-house customizations, Ladish was able to successfully test the valves per the customer’s strict specification. Testimony from an onsite test witness read that “all companies should model their cryo testing after Ladish.”

In addition to custom modifications, the customer required specific end-to-end configurations and non-standard cryogenic columns with a particular country of origin. Further, extensive NDE requirements also had to be met in order to demonstrate product quality. Ladish’s capabilities kept all engineering modifications and testing in-house, allowing for the highest degree of precision and quality control.

Specific project requirements were as follows:

Number of Valves: 1,200+ pieces

1. 1/2 thru 2″
2. CL300 & CL600
3. Full & Reduced Port

Special Requirements:
1. Custom Cryo Columns
2. Country of Origin
3. Modified Testing Spec
4. Onsite Witness Inspection

– 10% of valves sold were tested on-site to modified cryo test requirements per customer spec
– Other special tests included: NDE (PT/RT/PMI)
– Helium Gas Test

The special requirements and quantities of this project were no small feat. Countless hours were spent modifying in-house testing procedures to meet the unique and stringent standards put forth by the customer. The engineering and operations departments worked tirelessly to develop a tight schedule to streamline test procedures, assembly lines and the shipment processes.

The ability to facilitate all modifications and operations in-house allowed Ladish to fulfill the customer’s order on-time – delivering the first round of valves in 8 weeks and finishing the project on time in 32 weeks. All these efforts kept the project development on track for construction commencement, financial closing, and commercial operations dates.

Ladish is no stranger to large-scale operations, expansions, or conversions in the LNG and gas processing markets. The product lines are designed specifically to meet stringent demands of the most corrosive and demanding service environments for a wide range of applications. With a product produced under rigorous metallurgical and manufacturing controls that assure a consistent, high degree of performance and dependability, Ladish can assure that valves going into the field are “marked” with a seal of quality. With domestic source foundries and strictly monitored international vendors, Ladish is relentless about the quality of materials sourced from its vendor community. Due to hard work, dedication, and uncompromising integrity, Ladish will continue To Mark Progress. Ladish is proud to have played such a large role in the development of this facility and looks forward to many more to come!

This article and more can also be found on: https://www.valve-world-americas.com/webarticles/2022/01/07/accelerated-customer-timeline-for-production-of-custom-engineered-cryogenic-valves.html

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