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Bar Stock Threaded Cryogenic Valves

1 1/2″ CL150, Cryo Ball Valve – Threaded Ends

In manufacturing cryogenic valves from bar stock, Ladish is able to customize end-to-end lengths per customer specifications. Fully domestic option is available if required.

Ladish has an extensive inventory of nickel alloy bar ready to machine for quick deliveries or for customers that require forged bar stock valves. Ladish has a long history of designing and manufacturing bar stock ball valves in special materials such as titanium, zirconium, Hastelloy, alloy 20, nickel and Inconel.

Ladish’s cryogenic valves are produced to the rigid ‘Controlled Quality’ standards that assure dependable operating performance at sub-zero temperatures. The production, transport and storage of liquefied gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, natural gas (down to –425°F) demand a thoughtful solution. Our custom integral designed bonnets and modified extended bonnets provide safe, dependable service to LNG receiving terminals and liquification facilities as well as processes using liquid nitrogen and hydrogen. The main structural feature of these valves is the enclosed vapor chamber which isolates the packing from the cryogenic fluid allowing the packing to function properly. Ladish Valves ability to manufacture specifically designed cryogenic valves and to convert standard valves to cryogenic service, all in-house, allows for a completely controlled quality process. In addition, custom modification requests and any associated non-destructive testing can be expedited.

Valves for cryogenic service can be assembled in a clean room and be lubricant free or utilize lubricants compatible for cold service. The valves should be free from machine oil, grease, dirt or any foreign material. Any of these can inhibit the valve’s performance. Ladish’s clean room offers this complete solution in house. Click here to learn more about our services & capabilities.

Custom cryogenic valves from bar per customer specification

1 1/2″ CL150, Cryo Ball Valve – Threaded Ends


Bar Stock Ball Valve Designs

1. Model P2 Full Bore & Model P1 Standard Bore, Two-Piece, Stem Packing API 608 (1 1/2 – 4″) 

Model P1 & P2 Stem Packing Design (1 1/2 – 4″)

Model P1 & P2 Stem Packing Design (1/2 – 4″)

Model P2 Full Bore & Model P1 Standard Bore, Two-Piece, Stem Packing API 608 (1/2 – 2″)


Model P1 & P2 Stem Packing Design (1 1/2 – 2″)

Model P1 & P2 Stem Packing Design (1 1/2 – 2″)

View our full bar stock portfolio here.

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