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Ladish Quality Control

Through an aggressive, controlled program of research & development for improved methods, processes, materials & designs we assure that Ladish Valves will continue “to mark progress“.

“Controlled Quality” is more than just a corporate Ladish slogan… it’s a daily activity that drives our processes to produce quality, long lasting valves. The Ladish trademark is a representation of the highest quality standards, fine engineering skills, craftsmanship, modern manufacturing and testing equipment that provides assurance of manufacturing responsibility and integrity.

In-House Testing

  • Ladish designed & built Hydro-Pressure testing equipment capable of testing up to 15,000 PSI
  • Inert gas test equipment (Snoop Method)
  • Fully Submerged Underwater Inert Gas Test Tank
  • Horizontal to vertical valve test
    equipment for large diameter valves
  • Vacuum testing w/ mass spectrometer
    sniff detection equipment
  • Cryogenic testing rig capable of testing up to 24” diameter


In-Houston Type Testing Equipment

  • Fugitive Emissions Equipment
    – API 624
    – API 641
  • Fire Testing
    – API 6FA
    – API 6FD
    – API 607
  • Cryogenic Testing
    – ISO 28921
    – MS-SP-134
    – BS6364


In-House Non-Destructive Testing Capabilities

  • Positive Material Identification
  • Liquid Dye Penetrant Examination – 5 ANST Level II On-Site
  • Radiographic Examination – 1 ANST Level II On-Site
  • Magnetic Particle Examination – 1 ANST Level II On-Site
  • Ultrasonic Examination – 1 ANST Level II On-Site
  • Ferrite Examination – Fisher Ferritiscope
  • Helium Leak Detection
  • ASME BPVC V Appendix IV


Certified Quality Programs

  • ISO 9001
  • PED
  • API Q1
  • API 6D



Each valve individually marked with Lot/Serial number to trace back from:

      • Engineering
  • Pattern/Die
  • Creation
  • Raw Material
  • Fabrication
  • NDE
  • Testing
  • Cleaning & Shipment


Proprietary Quality Database

  • Fully traceable to every heat & lot number for ALL inspections & fabrication points from receipt of raw material to shipment of final product.
  • Fully integrated throughout local server for efficient distribution of records, procedures & documents.
  • Documented corrections to any non-conformance with re-qualification testing recorded.
  • Calibration control of all measuring & monitoring devices.

Engineering Quality Capabilities

  • 3D Modeling Design Software
  • FEA Analysis
  • Flow Simulation Software
  • Casting Simulation Software


To learn more about our Quality Control process, contact sales@ladishvalves.com

For a complete brochure, download here.

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