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Hastelloy B Cryogenic Gate Valve

(Two and a half inch, CL150, Bolted Bonnet, Hastelloy B Cryogenic Gate Valve)

Ladish is proud to be the largest stocking is stainless, duplex and exotic alloys.

This Hastelloy B gate valve stood up tall on the test rack this week to undergo various tests. Our manufacturing facility has the capability to test in-house and our quality control is unmatched. Cryogenic valves are tested to Non Cold Box API 598, Cold Box Testing MSS-SP134 and BS 6364 (optional). Read more about valve testing here.

Within our wide range of exotic and high nickel alloys lies Hastelloy B. Hastelloy B covers a range of different highly corrosion-resistant alloys with the primary alloy metal being nickel. Hastelloy survives under high temperature services to severe service. It can handle hydrochloric acids at all concentrations and temperatures. Application selection should not be based on upgrading in areas where stainless steels are inadequate because the alloys are unsuitable for handling most oxidizing solutions where stainless steels are used.

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Once again, Ladish will continue To Mark Progress.


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