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#ThrowbackThursday: Ladish Went to the Moon

Throwback Thursday: Ladish Went to the Moon

“I believe we should go to the moon… before the decade is out.” John F. Kennedy

(Lunar Module – 1969)

That’s exactly what we did. Ladish went to the moon in 1969, providing critical components for Apollo 11’s lunar excursion module. “Ladish played a major role in getting America’s first space shuttle program off the ground. From the left (below), rings were rolled in Cudahy were then shipped to California on special railcars and then assembled into rocket motors that lifted the shuttles into orbit.” – Forging Ahead, A Centennial History of Ladish Co.








“No single space project in the period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish,” Kennedy explained. And right he was. Much of the nation’s energy became focused on this program. After much controversy, and some tragedies, America celebrated when Neil Armstrong stepped off that ladder and spoke those famous words, “one small step for man…”

Without the help of Ladish Valves, those words couldn’t have been said. Ladish was the supplier that lifted the motors of Apollo’s Titan III rocket into space & helped back in Houston with ground transportation as well. The fuel vessels on the command module and the lunar excursion module were manufactured in Cudahy (Ladish’s company headquarters at the time).

Forever will many Ladish employees be able to say that they were part of making history by putting a man on the moon. And this was only the beginning… As the space program grew and evolved, Ladish continued to play a vital role. In 1975, when U.S. and Soviet orbiters met in space, the aluminum docking ring that made their connection possible was made by Ladish.

Once again, Ladish will continue To Mark Progress.


Resources: Forging Ahead, A Centennial History of Ladish Co.


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