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Sustainable Biomass Project – Severe Service Ball Valves

Ladish was awarded the order for various size Severe Service ball valves to be used in a sustainable biomass and BECCS (Bioenergy w/ Carbon Capture & Storage) pilot project on the gulf coast.

The application included freefall wood chips into the top of a vessel through a 12” 300# valve (featured above). After closing, the vacuum skid is designed to pull a slight vacuum. Next, the vessel will be pressurized with steam to between 305 psi and 350 psi.  The vessel is 2205. After a time period, the bottom 4” valve will open and the pressure will blow the wood chips out of the vessel.

The customer came to us asking for recommended materials of construction. The final design ended up being F51 Duplex body and trim.

The “S” Series, a “Second Generation” Severe Service ball valve line was chosen because it brings the problem solving ability of Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valves to the core markets of Ladish, which are products manufactured from Nickel Based alloys as well as Chrome and Exotic materials. The design and coating technology offered by Ladish for manual, automated on-off and highly cycled process valves picks up where more traditional technology leaves off.

Ladish’s fully automated lapping technology ensures each severe service ball valve provides reliable and consistent tight shut-off to all recognized industry standards and your process conditions. Installed in a wide array of “high energy” services, this valve proves to stand the test of time. When performing under extreme conditions such as high temperature and pressure, corrosive service or erosive conditions, the S1 and S2 series ball valves should be your go-to choice.

As important as tight shutoff is to system reliability, meeting the Low Emission requirements of our customers is the top priority. This 2020 design was done with modern low emission requirements as a basis, not an afterthought. Stem Stabilization, multiple seals, extended bonnet systems, and new high-temperature materials are just a few of the options available to meet the requirements imposed on modern industry.

Learn more about this product line here: https://www.ladishvalves.com/severe-service-ball-valves/



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