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Ladish “S” Series – Severe Service Ball Valves

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Throughout its 75+ year history, Ladish has been a leader in developing products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. As an extension of this commitment to problem-solving in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Refining, Power and Mining / Minerals Processing Industries, Ladish has developed the “S” Series, a “Second Generation” Severe Service Ball Valve line. This product is designed to bring the problem solving ability of Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valves to the core markets of Ladish, which are products manufactured from Nickel Based alloys as well as Chrome and Exotic materials. The design and coating technology offered by Ladish for manual, automated on-off and highly cycled process valves picks up where more traditional technology leaves off.

Ladish’s fully automated lapping technology ensures each severe service ball valve provides reliable and consistent tight shut-off to all recognized industry standards and your process conditions. Installed in a wide array of “high energy” services, this valve proves to stand the test of time. When performing under extreme conditions such as high temperature and pressure, corrosive service or erosive conditions, the S1 and S2 series ball valves should be your go-to choice.

As important as tight shutoff is to system reliability, meeting the Low Emission requirements of our customers is the top priority. This 2020 design was done with modern Low Emission requirements as a basis, not an afterthought. Stem Stabilization, multiple seals, extended bonnet systems, and new high-temperature materials are just a few of the options available to meet the requirements imposed on modern industry.

  1. Service requiring tight shut off
  2. High energy environments (high temp / high pressure)
  3. Low emissions in severe service
  4. Corrosive / Erosive services
  5. Automated on-off & high cycle applications

S1 Series

Compact and Economical Design with Removable / Replaceable trim, Low Emissions, and available in a wide range of material and coating options. Well suited for Manual Valve applications and those with bore sizes greater than 8”.

S2 Series

This “Second Generation” Metal Seated Ball Valve design provides only one through leak path, while retaining the feature of fully Removable / Replaceable Seats, Stem and Ball. The “Captured Flange Seat” allows exact thermal matching of all trim material for improved resistance to high temperatures and rapid temperature change. Designed for the most demanding Automated applications and where tight shutoff on gases is required.

Coating Technology

The term “Metal Seated Ball Valve” is widely used for this technology, but the ball and seat coatings that allow the valve to cycle without galling is the real heart of the valve. It is this same coating that is lapped for a Tight Shut-Off and must resist chemical and thermal attack from the process in which the valve is installed. The key to the reliability of the valves in your process is the selection of the right coating for your application, and Ladish engineers are expert in assisting with that selection. Some of the more standard options offered are:

  1. Spray & Fused – The ball and seat surfaces are coated with a relatively thick layer of hardening material, then the part is heated to “fuse” (similar to welding) the coating to the base material for the highest possible bond strength and lowest porosity.
    – Complex Carbides and Borides
    – Nickel / Cobalt Based Materials
  2. Plasma Coating – In the Plasma Coating process, the specialty coatings are brought to a very high temperature prior to being robotically applied to the metal. This again creates very good bond strength, and coupled with the ceramic-like materials applied, creates a very corrosion resistant surface.
    – Chromium Oxide (Tantalum Base Layer is Optional)
    – Titanium Dioxide
  3. HP-HVOF Process – Ladish utilizes a robotically controlled “gun” which applies the coatings at a velocity and energy level that creates a mechanical bond with the base metal.
    – Chromium Carbide with Nickel, Chromium or Cobalt Binders
    – Tungsten Carbide with Cobalt or Nickel Binders

Ladish Valve Coating Technology

Partial Applications List

    • VCM (Vinyl Chlorine) Heater Isolation & Vents
    • Ethanol/Methanol
    • Heat Transfer Fluids
    • Polypropylene/Ethylene/Ethylene Oxide/PDH Isolation
    • Polyethylene Isolation/Withdrawal
    • Phenol, Cumene, Butadiene Service
    • High Temperature Catalyst Handling
    • Slurry Oils
    • Heavy Oil Units
    • Hydrogen Service
    • Cutting Water Isolation
    • Delayed & Flexi-Coker Units Block Valves
    • Acids in High Pressure (Organic or Inorganic)
    • Oxidizers (Chlorine, Bromine, Phosgene)
    • Chlorination Processes (Chlorosilane, Titanium, Tetrachloride, etc.)
    • Specialty Chemicals

Once again, Ladish will continue To Mark Progress.


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