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Introducing Catalog 411 – Ladish MEGA (Metal & Graphite Seated) Seal Ball Valves

Ladish Valves MEGASEAL is our Critical-Service Metal and Graphite Seated Floating Ball Valve line with all of the technical features needed for the most demanding Industrial Applications.

Designed for Safety, Low Emissions, Long Service Life, and ease of maintenance, the MEGA Seal series is available in Split-Body Full and Reduced Port styles as well as One-Piece (Uni-body) reduced port construction. Available in Exotic Alloys as well as more common materials, the MEGA SEAL should be your go-to choice for Critical and Toxic Services in applications where Elastomeric Seats and Seals are impossible to use or limit system reliability.


For Critical services containing solids, including those with high temperatures and pressures, Ladish recommends our Metal Seated Ball Valve. This is a Bi-Directional Valve with graphite solids-proof gaskets between the seats and valve body. Ball and seat coatings prevent damage to erosion and galling during cycling.


For relatively clean High Temperature Applications, Ladish recommends our Bi-Directional, Compressed Carbon Graphite Seated valve with base metal ball.


  • Standard Materials for MEGA SEAL valves are Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Hastelloy C-276. Other materials are available on request. Read here about Ladish material offering.
  • Specialty trims: As all Ladish valves are assembled and tested in our facilities in the USA, we can supply specialized valve trims per customer requirements
  • Extended stems for insulated service
  • Cryogenic bonnets/extensions
  • Low FE (fugitive emission) dual packing systems
  • Cavity fillers
  • Gear Operators or Actuation per customer requirement
  • Cleaning for special services (view our Chlorine Service Ball Valves information here).

For ordering instructions, click here. To download the entire catalog, click here.


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