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Ladish Instrument Isolation Ball Valves

Instrument Ball Valves for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical Markets


Instrument Isolation Ball Valves

In response to the fugitive emissions concern for instrumentation valves in the industry, Ladish has designed the Instrument Isolation Valve line to meet the demand in the market. With a variety of configurations including threaded, MSWE, BWE, I-Flange, and Multi-Port, Ladish can meet your design criteria. Instrument Isolation Valves can be used in a variety of applications including vents, drains and block valves for instrument connections for pressure, level and flow measurement. Catalog 461 serves to highlight the Ladish Valves line of Instrument Isolation Valves.

All of the Isolation Control Valve series include a wide variety of stringent features including:

  • Design to ASME B16.34
  • ISO5211 Mounting Pad
  • API 607
  • API 641
  • Oval handles with visual position indicator
  • Blowout proof stem
  • Live-load packing
  • Lockable
  • Self relieving seats
  • Easy access to Gland Nut for packing adjustments
  • Seal welded body
  • Dual packing
  • Extended bonnets as required
  • Customized end connection
  • Bi-directional seating

Advantages of Instrumentation Ball Valves:

  • Tight shut-off capability
    • Resilient seats provide bubble tight shut-off
  • Position Indication
    • Oval handle provides visual indication when valve is open and closed
  • Quarter Turn Ball Valve Operation
    • Ball valves are able to operate very quickly

Instrument Isolation Ball Valve Applications

  • Can be used as process valve applications – small and all welded design
  • Steam condensate
  • Gauge isolation
  • Sampling valves
  • Boiler blow down
  • Breathers and drains
  • Vent valves
  • Root valves

Special Service

  • Oxygen service
  • Vacuum service
  • HF Service
  • Thermal fluids
  • Steam
  • Category “M” Services
  • High temperature using metal seats
  • Cryogenic Services
  • Low Emissions services with FE bonnet
  • Chlorine & Phosgene Services



Validation Testing (this list is not all inclusive)

  • Hydro-static pressure test to verify valves meet requirements of API

  • Seat capacity rating test to obtain the max pressure rating of a specific seat material


  • Seat pressure relief test to determine valve relief pressure

  • Anti-Static Test to prevent the build-up of potentially hazardous static charge on valve parts used for certain media

Competitor comparison:


Once again, Ladish will continue To Mark Progress.

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