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Ladish Furnishes Valves for North America’s Largest Renewable Diesel Production Facility

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With colossal momentum behind the market wide ESG focus, large refiners have begun converting and expanding their existing facilities to produce renewable fuels. Now more than ever manufacturers are having to make good on the promises made for sustainable energy valve solutions, specifically those for renewable diesel facilities.

Learn more about Ladish for Renewable Fuels: https://www.ladishvalves.com/blog/tomorrows-energy-manufactured-today-ladish-for-renewable-fuels/


The production of renewable diesel is becoming more common, driving the need for custom valve engineering / design requirements, and unique specifications beyond the bounds of applicable industry standards. This presents a challenge to valve manufacturers competing for their market share due to material availability, machining, testing and NDE capacities.


Due to Ladish’s ability to (i) meet required specifications, (ii) design & manufacture custom engineered valves, and (iii) meet the accelerated lead times, we were awarded the valve portion of a large renewable diesel project. Over $5 million in gate, globe, check and ball valves in materials ranging from carbon to duplex and nickel alloys were furnished on time after undergoing strenuous NDE testing.

Summary Requirements:

1. Accelerated Lead Times:

  • Ladish was awarded the 2021 project bid in Q1 of 2021 with delivery dates between April and November.

2. Material Requirements:

  • CF8M / CD3MN / CW12MW / CF8C / WCB
  • Duplex Requirements per API 938-C
    • Ferrite & Charpy
    • AOD Material w/ Special Chemical Composition
    • Corrosion Testing

Learn more about our material availability: https://www.ladishvalves.com/blog/materials-at-a-glance/

3. Extensive NDE Testing:

  • RT / PT / PMI

Learn more about our in-house capabilities: https://www.ladishvalves.com/resources/

Ladish has years of experience in providing valves for large-scale operations including expansions and conversions in the renewable fuels industry. Our valves are designed to meet stringent demands of the most corrosive and demanding service environments for a wide range of applications. They are produced under rigorous metallurgical and manufacturing controls that assure a consistent, high degree of performance and dependability. Inherently, all our valves are “marked” with a seal of quality.

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