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Ladish Valves – Fugitive Emissions

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Since the introduction of the U.S. Clean Air Act in 1963, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and individual states have set increasingly stringent consent decrees for fugitive emissions from industrial facilities. Many companies have implemented Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programs, and industry groups have focused efforts on helping member companies decrease valve emissions.

Ladish Valves was one of the first companies to help in assisting companies, by testing our valves to meet or exceed low fugitive emission in our valves. Ladish Valves has successfully tested our product to the following industries standards.

  • API 624
  • API 641
  • ISO-15848-1

Low Fugitive Emission seals require that each element of the sealing system is precisely manufactured for straightness, surface finish and concentricity.

Ladish Valves utilizes an API-622 approved inter-braided graphite packing as standard, with machine surface stem finishes of better than 32 RA and stuffing box wall finishes to 125 RA ensuring maximum sealing effectiveness. We design & develop improved sealing technologies for a sustainable future – designs which meet or exceed applicable industry standards. We evaluate sealing performance for unique customer requirements. 

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