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Introducing the “Bi-Weekly Update” – January 14th

Welcome to the bi-weekly update! We are excited to share the latest Ladish happenings with you right here on our blog. Here you’ll find updates on product, literature, special topics, trips, events and more! Just head to the NEWS section of our site.

Annual Ladish Sales Trip – Lake Tahoe, 2020

We started the celebration of our 2019 success at our company Christmas lunch in December and took the party straight to Tahoe to kick off the new year & new decade! Thursday & Friday consisted of meetings (with a killer view!) where we recapped 2019, learned about current product & new product releases and set our goals for 2020. We reviewed all of our inventory, current/pending inquiries & orders and reviewed how to make our processes smoother than they already are! We are grateful for our customers & end-users as our backlog looks promising heading into 2020.

Working hard or hardly working?

Of course it wasn’t all business…It’s a time to eat, drink & be merry! Everyone was given the option to either ski or snowmobile during their “free” time after the meetings. We are happy to report that everyone came home unscathed! We are refreshed & ready to tackle anything the year throws at us! Give us a call for any of your valve needs & stay tuned for our next bi-weekly update. Enjoy some photos from the trip. PS – Don’t worry, all the girls’ luggage made it home too (see last photo).


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We are excited to announce that effective November 1, 2020 we have purchased the trademarks and all assets related to Smith Valves & Diamond Gear from CNC Flow Control!