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Six Features and Benefits of Grayloc End Metal Seated Ball Valves

These end connections are available in our S Series and Fusion T-Series (Power) Ball Valve designs.

The Ladish engineered metal seated ball valves are available in a variety of designs and end connections. With Grayloc connections, the valve can be removed, repaired and full tested prior to re-installation and unit startup without welding.  So-called “In-Line Repairable valves” cannot be properly tested prior to being put in service. Here are the main highlights of Ladish’s metal seated valves with Grayloc end connections:

  1. Allow more reliable installation with connections welded and PWHT (post weld heat treatment accomplished prior to valve placement).
  2. Lowered maintenance costs.
  3. No PWHT is required if valve is removed for repair or replacement.
  4. Rated from full vacuum to 60,000 psig.
  5. Good from -423 to 1700 F depending on material of construction.
  6. Allow complete testing prior to re-installation after repair.

Learn more about complete metal seated capabilities here.

Contact our sales team with your quote requests: sales@ladishvalves.com or 281.880.8560

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