Petrochemical & Chemical Processing Industry

Increasingly stringent regulations, projected long‐term growth in energy consumption and environmental concerns continue to drive the need for significant long‐term investment within the petrochemical complex.  Ladish’s broad range of corrosion resistant stainless and exotic alloy valve products stand to meet the most demanding service environments.  Couple that with the fact that all Ladish high nickel alloys are poured at domestic foundries and undergo rigorous quality assessments, Ladish is the only choice for the discerning chemical plant operator.

Ladish Valves also understands that one of the most serious technical issues facing the chemical industry today is the control of plant‐wide fugitive emissions.  Ladish Valves can provide low fugitive emission graphite packing.  With in‐house fugitive emission testing, Ladish Valves has the capability to test packing using either methane or helium.  Graphite packing brands utilized by Ladish Valves have been tested to API 622.  Further, Ladish Valves unique ability to manufacture valves to specific customer packing and gasket requirements differentiates us from the competition.  Utilizing our ability to test our valves in‐house, Ladish Valves continues to seek out optimal fugitive emission solutions.