Our History

Herman W. Ladish was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1880 and began his career in the bustling malting industry at the ripe age of 16. Herman quickly established himself and steadily moved up the corporate ladder assuming the role of superintendent at The American Malting Company. Herman’s interest in metalworking was born from a problematic crankshaft that consistently halted production. Herman was tasked with finding an alternative method of manufacturing the crankshaft which led him to metal forging.

In 1905, Herman began his relationship with the Obenberger family who were adept at closed-die forging. Soon after, The Ladish Company was born.

A single, problematic crankshaft spawned what would become a metal working conglomerate with core competencies in forgings, flanges and fittings, and industrial valves. The Ladish Valves of today began doing business in 1961 based in Cynthiana, Kentucky. After a crippling flood of the Ohio River and several changes in ownership, Ladish Valves moved its headquarters to Houston, Texas in 2005.

With over 60 years of industrial valve production behind it, Ladish Valves continues to be the industry benchmark for stainless steel and high nickel alloy industrial valves. The Ladish Valves trademark symbolizes a reputation that is emblematic of the highest quality standards, unmatched design and metalworking craftsmanship. Our history is important to us and we pay homage to it daily.