Engineered Valves

Ladish Valves manufactures several special purpose valves which are classified as Engineered Valves.  Ladish Valves cryogenic valve and stop check valve product lines fall under this category.



Ladish Valves cryogenic valve product line are commonly used in various applications such as LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), Propane, Butane, Liquified Gases (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Methane, Helium, Carbon Dioxide / CO2, Hydrogen, etc), Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Semiconductors, Research Technology, and other low temperature services.


Our valves are designed to perform and function well in these excessive conditions.  A variety of different materials are available depending on your specific application and conditions.  Extended bonnets are furnished to isolate the packing by allowing for insulation in the bonnet area to prevent shrinkage or freezing of the packing material, keeping it functional.  See Catalog 321 for more information on our cryogenic product line:

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Ladish Valves stop check valve is like having two valves in one. It looks like a globe valve on the outside, however, it is essentially a lift check valve with a manual control to regulate the opening and closing, and can be completely stopped or shut off.  This type of valve will generally be used as a globe valve to start or stop the flow of the media, but will automatically close should pressure be lost in the line, preventing backflow that could possibly cause damage to equipment such as boilers or pumps.

These valves are commonly used in power plants, in applications such as boiler circulation, steam generator and boiler feedwater, turbine cooling, stater water, and safety systems.