Ladish Valves is one of the oldest valve brands for API 603 corrosion resistant valves in the industry today. Our product line consists of a broad range of gate, globe and check valves utilized in the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical and many other industries throughout the world.

For more than 50 years, the name Ladish Valves has been synonymous with quality. To ensure this reputation continues, all valves are produced under a fully certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System (ABS #42167).
Along with standard gate, globe and check valves, Ladish Valves offers many specialty products for services such as, cryogenic, chlorine and oxygen and stop checks.

Should you have a requirement for special applications, our technical and engineering staff is available to support you.

Valve Types


Gate Valves

The Gate Valve is the most commonly used valve in industry. Gate Valves are well suited for water, oil and gas service as well as a variety of other fluids.




Globe Valves

Globe Valves are used for throttling flow control.  Shut off is accomplished by moving the disc against the flow stream rather than across it as in the case with a gate valve. 



swing check

Swing Check Valves

Swing Check Valves are used to prevent back flow in the line. Flow is in a straight line through the valve resulting in minimal pressure drop.



lift check valve

Lift Check Valves

Lift Check Valves in common with all check valves, are used to prevent back flow in the line, and operate automatically, according to increases or decreases in line pressures. 



stop check

Stop Check Valves

These valves are commonly used in power plants, in applications such as boiler circulation, steam generator and boiler feedwater, turbine cooling, stater water, and safety systems.